Judo Techniques

What Are The Various Judo Techniques?

When you learn how you can grapple your opponent is also a way through which you can also learn the skills of how to throw your opponent to the ground. There are various skills that you can apply to your opponent to win in combat when you have thrown him to the ground. If you are better able to hold your opponent to the ground for 25 seconds you can definitely win the match. There are several techniques that you can apply when you throw your opponent off the ground. As some of them have mentioned below but before that let me tell you if you are a fighter and you want to get a suitable outfit for your training session or for your fighting rounds I would honestly recommend you to shop it from elite sports. As elite sports offers top quality gym outfits which are durable and comfortable. Elite sports BJJ gis are available at cheap and affordable prices which are budget-friendly.

So getting back to the discussion there are few judo techniques which are mentioned below,

Pinning techniques

Pinning is the first technique that is taught to the students first so that they should have a hold over their opponents when they have thrown their opponent to the ground. Pinning also teaches the student how to have a hold over their opponent once they are on the ground so that they won’t be able to get up. So through this technique, you can prevent your opponent from getting up easily, as you have a hold over them.

You can apply the choke skill once your opponent is on the ground or you can apply the joint lock techniques as well and force him for submissions and can win the point. Other than that if you are searching for the best and top quality gym outfits must shop it from elite sports. Elite sports offers the best quality and super durable gis and other gym accessories for both men and women. So ladies if you are in search of BJJ gis must get it from elite sports. Elite sports Brazilian women BJJ gis are available at cheap and affordable prices which are best designed for your combat and training sessions. 

If you want your pinning to be counted in the competition you must set your opponent on his back and apply the pinning technique. 

Joint locking technique

Joint locking is the technique that will make your opponent suffer some pain. This technique is designed to push your opponent joint from their normal range of motion and flexibility. If you apply joint techniques too quickly and forcefully then there is a chance that your opponent can get injured and may undergo fracture. So for a joint lock, you have to do much practice so that the pressure on your opponent joints is applied to a certain limit and then the pressure is released slowly. But if you get control and are better able to understand how you can apply joint lock techniques then you can get a point.

Choking techniques

Chocking skills are seriously dangerous and you must learn it from a well-known and qualified instructor. But if you are able to apply the choking technique to your opponent in an appropriate way then easily occupy your opponent. Most of the techniques which are applied in judo involve choking, in fact most of the judo fighters are trained in choking techniques to win the competition. 

Leg sweeping techniques

Leg sweeping technique is a skill in which you can take off your opponent to the ground by swiping their legs. It’s the simplest technique through which you can win the match. 

In leg sweeping technique you just wait for your opponent to take a step towards you before he tries to move back just hold his ankle with the help of your leg. Now make him fall on the ground by shifting the ankle through your leg in a suitable direction. 

Spin hit technique

 In spin hit technique but your leg between the two legs of your opponent. Now turn back to your opponent, now with the help of your hip support the weight of your opponent upon yourself. Now try to put your leg near the leg of your opponent and pick him up in the air to sweep in an easier way. 

So these are various skills used in judo no doubt they are dangerous if not applied in the safest way then you have to pay for it. So must practice them from a trainer, and then apply them to your opponents to win the competition. I hope my today’s blog is useful or makes you better understand various skills that you should learn in judo.