Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Body

Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Body – Best Healthy diet

In the present-day world, we are becoming susceptible to different types of health problems to a greater extent. The reason behind all of these problems is none other than our wrong lifestyle, wrong eating habits etc.

Thus, to stay healthy and fit, we need to pay attention to our lifestyle plus eating habits. Now many of us might hear that eating something less or restricting something from eating, can provide instant as well as excellent results. But in fact, it is entirely wrong and is a myth.

Thus, today in this post we are going to share the best healthy diet with you all of you, which will help you to clear all your doubts. Now, as we all know that a perfect diet should comprise of all the nutrients, which are vital for the body for proper functioning. So here we start and here the list begins:- 

1. Include Vegetables and Fruits in your diet

Vegetables and Fruits are the best foods items which you should include in your daily meals, to make it a complete diet.  It is because the combination of both helps to prevent your body from different kinds of diseases, and give you the energy to be in a good physical state.

Also, you should avoid eating unnatural synthetic foods which contain lots of salt and sugar like readymade fruit or vegetable juice, which is the source of many serious diseases like high BP, skin problems, eyesight problems, certain types of cancers,  diabetes, etc, instead, you should eat them directly as it provides more nutritious value.

2. Have Carbs in Your Plate

For making a diet whole, you should also take carbohydrates in your meals. The reason behind it is that carbohydrates are essential for a healthy balance diet. According to studies, 75 to 85% of calories are resulting from carbs in our food. Thus, we should take carbohydrates which are complex and also contains fiber, in our meals. So that we feel full for a long time, in a way to prevent ourselves from overeating and hence away from different health problems.

The complex carbs are mainly present in brown rice, whole grains, lentils, fruits, and veggies. Thus, we should take these instead of taking refined carbs like bread, white rice, etc.

Calories intake in a day: – 1900 to 2320 calories

Carbs intake in a day: – 225 to 325 grams

3. Don’t forget to have Proteins

Protein also plays a vital role in a healthy diet plan. Thus it should be a part of the plate during meals. As per the experts, there should be 25 to 30% protein must be included in your diet.

Thus, take this protein in your diet from products like milk, quinoa, egg, soy, oats, broccoli, beans, cottage cheese, and gram flour to get help in weight loss, skin, hairs, soft tissues related problems.

Protein intake in a day: – 55-60 grams

4. Decrease The unnecessary Fats From Your Meal

Now when we are saying to remove fats from your meals, then it is for unnecessary fats, as not all fats are bad for health. So you should understand the difference and then proceed toward any diet plan for a healthy body.

For good fats, you should take food which contains omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, monounsaturated fat, and polyunsaturated fat, along with that avoiding fat like saturated fat, Trans fat, etc.

5. Micro But Important – Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients but are as important as other elements are essential for a perfect power packed body, as micronutrients are responsible for crucial activities like cell production, metabolism, healing wounds; boost the immune system, bone maintenance, muscle and nerve function.

Thus include milk, eggs, beans, almonds, fish, bananas, dark green leafy vegetables, berries, avocado, cereals, nuts of different types to get all necessary vitamins and minerals.


Thus, for having a perfect body, we should eat wisely, on a fixed time as mentioned in the above post to stay in the pink and free from approximately all health-related problems. Also, a little exercise will not harm your health.

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