Childcare Centres Post Pandemic

Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe in School and Childcare Centres Post Pandemic

Back to school season is here! You are gearing up your kids to get back to their own institutions with utmost safety. After all their health is at risk and you definitely can’t compromise on this matter at any cost. Whether your child goes to the primary level or visits the kindergarten or childcare, you have to strictly consider some factors to ensure that your child stays fit and fine.

Ø  Essential safety measures and precautions required for the kids going back to school and childcare centres

The schools and childcare centres are reopening after a long time. And during this period, we saw some horrifying incidents of life and deaths happening. No doubts each and every parent is scared to the core. But don’t worry, all this has become a part of the new normal and you can keep your kid out of any danger if you are checking all these factors listed below:

o   Inquire if the teachers and staff members are vaccinated or not? — Since the vaccination drive is active in the entire world, even the educational institutions are making a point that each and every employee in their school is vaccinated.  Just inquire if your child’s school or childcare centre is following this important norm or not.

o   The changes made in the institutions to follow the social distancing norms — Social distancing is an important part of the new normal lifestyle that you have to follow at any cost. Even the schools and other institutions can’t avoid this important rule to stay safe from the dangers of COVID-19. Now when you are to send your child back to these places, check if they have made changes in the seating arrangements of the cafeterias, classrooms, assembly halls, etc.

o   If washing hands and frequent sanitation facilities are available for the children — Cleanliness is another very vital factor to consider staying safe from the pandemic and its infections.  Be sure to check if the school is providing proper clean ambience to the children or not. Are the sanitisers available at regular intervals and are frequent hand washing permissions granted to the children?

o    Emergency plan B of the school — There are bound to be some cases coming live of the Covid 19 cases in timely durations. What if the school witnesses one of those cases? What plan B do they have in such a situation? Don’t forget to also inquire if they are going to care for the children’s proper health during the school hours as well. Like, if any kid has a severe fever or headache during the class, do they promise a prompt medical help immediately for the students? And for the small children especially, inquire if the childcare centre has some medical help available if required. If your kid goes to the best childcare centre like Blooming Buds, then you won’t have to worry about your child’s health at all. They tend to care for the kids just as you do and even provide proper medical attention immediately if required.

We are sure you have noted all these essential pointers for your child’s safe return to the school and childcare centre. But don’t forget, you have to send your kid with the mask on to these places and better skip sending them if they show even minute signs of cold, cough, or fever.