Asthma Patients

The Wisest Self-Care Tips for Asthma Patients

Regardless of the fact that they exaggerate asthma patients on the television, this disease is real! Yes, asthma leads to a difficulty in proper breathing which can actually lead to serious situations. But this isn’t that serious as they show in the movies and the shows if you are taking care of yourself properly. So, the first thing you have to do is keep away from the allergens which cause the asthma attack in your body. For this, you have to follow some self-care tips.

Ø  Follow this routine for proper self-care if you are asthmatic

Just to inform you better, the most common symptoms of asthma are difficulty in breathing along with constant coughing sometimes. You’ll also experience a whistling sound when you cough and most often this leads to problems in regular breathing. Well, this situation can be a rare issue if you are following a proper self-care routine that we have provided below:

o   Drink enough water — Drinking lots of water has incredible benefits for your body. This also aids in keeping the mucus thinner and providing better breathing. It also helps in proper digestion which ultimately helps to keep you healthier.

o   Watching what you eat — Apart from everything else, you also have to pay attention to what you consume or eat. If you are in the habit of having lots of cold and sour food items, then this will automatically lead to coughing and congestion which ultimately causes asthma attacks. Also, taking foods which are high in sugar and oil content also leads to problems in an asthmatic patient.

o   Wear masks while you move out — Pollution and allergens are the biggest problems for an asthmatic patient. So, in order to be safe from them, you should always wear a mask when you move out and stay away from dust and smoke as much as you can.

o   Keep changing your air filters regularly — You are wearing a mask when you are outdoors, but you definitely can’t stay with it on when you are in your house. So, in order to keep your indoor air better and safer, keep changing your air filters regularly. If you can afford an air purifier, then it is better.

o   Thorough indoor cleaning — Keeping the interior of your house clean and dust free is also a very important criteria and routine that you have to follow if you are asthmatic. Especially the dust mites that get settled in your carpet or the mould that gets formed on your ceiling and the walls are the biggest culprits in causing you frequent asthma attacks. You should without fail call the house cleaning services which offer deep cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning in South Auckland. Kiwi Land Carpet Cleaning is one such company that provides you guaranteed and thorough cleaning of your carpets and upholstery which in turn helps in keeping all the dust, mites and allergens away from your home.

o   Avoid fragrance sprays — If you are asthmatic, you will probably have issues when you are exposed to fragrances of certain kinds. You have to ensure that you avoid the air-sprays and fresheners that come with lots of chemicals and even the ingredients of which you are allergic to!

o   Avoid smoking and smoke — Your problem can really trigger off very easily if you are smoking. And even if you are not a smoker, it is always recommended to stay away from the smoke as much as possible.

o   Keep your inhaler handy —Your inhaler is the biggest support system that can help you combat the asthmatic attack. So, wherever you are, whenever you are heading out, maintain this habit of carrying your inhaler with you. Even at home, try to keep two or more of them at easy locations so that you can use them whenever the situation is serious.

This is the basic guidance for all the asthmatic patients. Apart from this, if you find the symptoms occurring more frequently, keep consulting your doctor for the same.