How to Reduce Body Heat

How to Reduce Body Heat: 5 Best Tips to Reduce Body Heat

The Anatomy of the human is as complicated as it thought to be sorted. Many extreme activities are going on under our flesh and blood without us knowing about them. One such common health issue experienced by all is Body heat.

We realize and believe that this is a severe issue for all who have been its sufferer. And that particular reason, we have come up with this article for a rescue mission. 

The article will enlighten and acknowledge what body heat, the causes, symptoms, and most importantly, the cure is. As the paragraphs unfold, the cloud of confusion that has been around our head will disappear into oblivion, and we shall know everything about Body heat. Keep reading to unveil the facts. 

What is body heat? 

Body heat refers to the excessive heating up of the body due to various underlying issues. When the body is excessively heated, blood rushes to the surface of our skin at a much higher rate. 

Due to which a pressure is exerted on the heart, which causes sweating. And excessive sweating causes dehydration, which in turn leads to more increase in the body heat. 

Increased body heat can leave a reddish tinge on our face or make it look more flushed. The reddish hue might look pleasing, but trust us, it’s not. Underneath the initial layers of our skin, we are on fire. 

Causes of body heat – 

The phenomena of body heat are sometimes also referred to as heat exhaustion. This can have several underlying issues, and some are usual miscellaneous causes, while others can be concerning and stressful. 

We have listed all potential causes of body heat below for you to get a better insight into what your body might be willing to tell you –

● Being out in the sun for too long. 

Hot and humid weather is proportional to our body heat. Being out in the heat of the sun or doing some physical activity can heat our body due to obvious reasons. 

● Wearing non-breathable clothes. 

Synthetic clothes stick to our body like a second skin and do not allow our body to emanate the heat it produces, due to which the temperature keeps on getting trapped in our body and leads to heat exhaustion. 

● Pre-existing disease- 

In conditions like hyperthyroidism, in which the thyroid gland produces too many hormones. The gland also handles many functions of the human body and also helps in moderating the body temperature, but when produced in excess, it can level up our body heat. 

● Eating spicy and high protein food items- 

Now, some of us have taste buds that do not get satisfied in the bland and dry food. And we are a particular kind of people whose vision for ideal food is spices, proteins, and fried foods. But excessive consumption of these can lead to a concerning amount of rising in the body heat. 

● Consuming drinks which can rush excessive blood to the surface – 

Coffee and alcohol can shoot up the levels of heat in the body by massive amounts. They can increase the rate of blood flow by a considerable amount. Too much caffeine is a threat to a healthy body. 

● Physical activity under sunlight

Practising intense physical activity can exert radical pressure of the muscles and joints and may even cause strains in some extreme postures. Due to which, the heart pumps more blood and causes sweating. This can lead to high levels of heat exhaustion. 

● Drugs. 

Drugs don’t only eat up our bodies from the inside but also lead to our body temperature level up to excessive amounts. Medicines too can sometimes cause the same effect, and one must rush to a doctor for professional help when medicine has led the body temperature to soar up high. 

● Lack of heavenly fluid. 

The lack of heavenly fluid, water in the body, has more adverse effects than we can imagine of. It can lead to body heat and, in some extreme conditions, heat stroke, which may even cause fainting, nausea, or headache.

Symptoms of Body heat


 Excessive body heat can affect our rational thinking and our sense to categorize things as right or wrong. It can cause our bodies to feel exhausted and dormant. 

Dizziness, nausea, or headache. 

 The body temperature plays a vital role in managing different chores of the body as well as the functioning of the brain. If your body is exhausting too much heat, you will feel dizzy, sleepy, and tired. 

Pale skin- 

When the body is heated, every inch of our skin except the face becomes pale. This indicates that the body has lost a lot of water in the form of sweating and is tremendously dehydrated. 

How to Reduce Body Heat? 

One can try numeral ways to reduce the body heat to normal levels. If the body keeps heating for a long duration, it may lead to severe cases and more concerning situations. 

Below mentioned are some ways and means through which you can reduce the body heat – 

● Drinking fluids in ample amounts – 

Fluids in the body can cause our body to stay in moderate temperatures and prevent situations like body heat or heat stroke. 

● Eating food items which contains a lot of fibres- 

Fruit, vegetables, especially green, can lead to heavy moderation in the body heat. It also helps our bodies remain calm and rejuvenated throughout the day. 

● Do not consume any non-prescribed medicine.  

Some medicines might lead to specific side effects, which are not always usual. They can lead out body heat to reach sky-high levels and cause excessive sweating. Always refer to prescribed medicines. 

● Professional help. 

Seek professional help if you think the heat levels are not retreating. It may be symptoms of some serious underlying issue. 

● Wear breathable clothes – 

One must make sure to wear loose and breathable clothing when out in the sun. Cotton fabrics are the best option to choose as they radiate body heat efficiently and leave it feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Also, remember to wear light-coloured clothes in summers to avoid penetration of heat into the body. 

To seal the deal, we must keep in mind to worship our bodies and take good care of it. Body heat was and is a severe threat to the overall health of the body. 

One must take adequate precautions not to let the situation worsen. Drink water in ample amounts, avoid excessive exposure to the sun rays, avoid drugs, caffeine, fried food and do not wear tight-fitting clothing for long. 

One must take baby steps to lead a life towards good health and a better mind. 

Make sure you have a calm mind and a more relaxed body! 

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