How To Increase Height After 18

How To Increase Height After 18: A Detailed Guide

Do you often wonder if there are any chances of your height increasing after 18? If yes, then you are definitely not alone since many people deal with this problem. People will give you ideas to increase your height. But nothing seems to work, right? 

The most common reason for short height is the heredity effect. If it runs down in your family, it is common to deal with this issue. Before beginning our discussion let’s understand the fact that increasing height after 18 can be tricky.

Today, we will discuss some of the most effective and proven methods you can use. 

If you are wondering whether or not diet and exercise help in increasing height then yes, to a certain extent it does.

Here are some of the major exercises that can help you in increasing your height

Bar Hanging Helps

Hanging on a bar can help you in increasing your height since it stretched your spine. Your posture seemingly improves. Sometimes the major reason behind height problems is a bad posture. The more strengthened your muscles are, the better you appear. 

The height of the bar should help your body extend properly. Keep the other parts of your body relaxed while performing this exercise. Furthermore, as a beginner do not stretch more than your body allows. Keep taking gaps in between and continue with your exercise. 

Go For Cobra Stretch 

Cobra stretch focuses majorly on your spine, making it more flexible. The growth of the cartilage between the vertebrae due to performing this exercise leads to an increase in your height. 

Performing this exercise is simple. All that you need to do is lie down on the floor, palms on the ground, and slowly stretch upwards. Let your body stretch as much as it can. Performing it can surely lead to some successful results.

Forward Spine Stretch

Stretching your spine is the topmost solution to the issue you are dealing with. Since we all know, the spine plays a huge role in detecting our height.

For performing this exercise, sit on the mat with your legs shoulder-width apart. Pull your breath in and stretch your arms forward, try your best to touch your feet. Back again, do not push it hard. Stretch as much as you comfortably can.

As a beginner, you will find difficulties in performing these exercises. But with time and results, it will get easier.

Forward Bend

More often than not, this exercise has helped people in increasing their height. 

For performing it, stand with your legs apart. Extend your arms up in the air, and slowly bend down to touch the floor. Make sure your knees do not bend while doing so. Return back to the normal position and repeat. 

Two Straight Legs Up

This is not as easy as the exercises referred above but is surely worth the time. Lie down on your back with your hands touching the ground. Slowly raise both of your legs together as high as you can. Use your hands to support your back.

Stay in that position for as long as your body allows and slowly bring them down. Rest for a while and repeat again.

These were some exercises you can try to see a difference in your height but as an adult increasing your height through exercises is not easy. Below are some of the more methods you can use to increase your height or look taller. 

Good Posture Is The Key

Whether sitting in front of your computer for hours or sitting in front of your television, anything can be a reason for a bad posture. It not only affects how tall you look but also leads to back pain issues. Getting rid of a bad posture is not easy but with time, you can. 

For a good posture, always keep your shoulders back and pull the belly towards the spine. A bad posture will not leave your way easily. Every time you sit, stand, walk, etc. keep an eye on your posture and immediately improve.

With time, you will see results. 

Focus On The Core Muscles

In order to get a good posture, you need to strengthen your core muscles. Get yourself in the plank position every day. Plank is not at all easy, therefore,start with a lower time limit. Keep on increasing day by day.

If you are wondering about the importance of core muscles in looking taller, then you must know that these muscles support your spine. The stronger they are, the better you will hold yourself. 

Adequate Amount Of Sleep Helps

As an adult, make sure you have a proper sleeping schedule. Proper sleep can help you in the growing process and you can expect results. The reason behind this concept is the hormone responsible for growth in human beings aka pituitary gland is the most active in your sleep.

Due to this, you can expect changes in your height if you develop a proper sleeping schedule.

Get Proper Nutrition

Intaking healthy and nutritious food is another important aspect responsible for your growth. Focus on the food items responsible for healthy body growth. Increase your intake of beans, leafy greens, etc. 

Wear Heels

Every time you go out, prefer wearing a pair of heels to help you deal with this issue. This is a temporary solution but let’s be honest, it works!

The Bottom Line

Try out the above-listed methods for growing your height. As an adult, the chances of growth are minimal but still possible between the age of 18 to 20. There are options for surgery as well but it always comes with side effects. Seeking medical help might be fruitful but try going for the natural methods to achieve the same. Do not give up hope and try your best to reach the height you desire. Even if you fail to do so, do not be disappointed and accept yourself as you are. 

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