Separation Anxiety

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Your Kids?

In case your child is new to a daycare, then you might experience difficulty when dropping them off for the new class sessions. Even though not all children will experience separation anxiety, it’s extremely common for children to become sad when they say goodbye to their parents. It should be remembered that during this phase the process of separation anxiety kicks off and as a parent, you should help your child to overcome such an issue, as quickly as possible.

To help you learn more about separation anxiety in children, we have created this comprehensive blog post that will go through the topic in detail. 

What Do You Mean By Separation Anxiety?

According to a popular daycare in Auckland, there can be multiple factors in which separation anxiety in children can be triggered. However, the primary reason why separation anxiety takes place is because of getting separated from the primary caregivers – who the children trust the most and feel most comfortable with. 

Even parents might experience separation anxiety when they drop off their children at their respective daycare centres. And when parents try to leave their kids, the kids start crying or start throwing a tantrum. 

Separation anxiety can take place in the mind of a child as early as infancy and can even last throughout his or her preschool years. On the other hand, some kids may not even experience such anxiety. For instance, some children may experience separation when their parents even leave them for a couple of minutes. On the other hand, some kids may experience separation anxiety only during significant life changes such as going to daycare. 

Methods To Battle Separation Anxiety

  • If you know that a big change in the life of your child can trigger separation anxiety, such as joining a daycare, then you have to ensure that you prepare your child in advance. You can take your child to the respective daycare centre before the first day so that your child can get accustomed to the new environment as well as the teachers. As a result, your child will not experience any separation anxiety when going to the daycare on his or her first day.
  • Try to create quick goodbye routines, such as saying a small goodbye phrase or a special handshake whenever you leave your child, even if it’s for a short amount of time. In that way, your child will come to know about the change and thereby learn to say goodbye whenever required. 

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