How Long Does Greek Yogurt Last

How Long Does Greek Yogurt Last | Tips to Help You Determine

Do you know how long does greek yogurt last, or are you one of those people who loves greek yogurt so much that you finish the entire pack just a couple of days after you buy it? Either way, we don’t judge, greek yogurt is delicious. So, we are going to tell you exactly how long greek yogurt lasts so that you won’t have to waste any. 

What is Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is preferred over regular yogurt by many because it is thicker, creamier and it makes tastier milkshakes. Greek yogurt obtains its thickness by being strained until most of its liquid whey spates and only the creamy lactose parts remain on the final product.  

Greek yogurt has almost twice the amount of protein and three times the amount of fat normal yogurt has. This is what leads to the thick and creamy texture of the yogurt. Greek yogurt also contains half the sodium and carbohydrate normal yogurt has. The amount of fat and carbohydrate may sometimes vary depending upon the type of yogurt, whether it is low fat, or if more sugar and fruits are added to it. 

There are many ways you can consume greek yogurt. You can use it as a replacement for normal yogurt, or use it creatively in your own original recipe. One recipe we recommend is eating it with some kind of cereal or granola, some pieces of your favorite fruit, and some pieces of honeycomb if you can find it. This recipe has become trendy lately and if you know why we applaud your taste in music. 

How Long Does Greek Yogurt Last

The best way to know how long your greek yogurt will last is to check the expiry date on the packet. You will be able to make sure that the yogurt you are consuming is of top-notch quality when you consume it before the best by date. 

But if in case you missed a couple of packets at the back of your fridge and are finding them now, you don’t need to worry. You are probably not going to get sick even if you eat a packet of yogurt that is supposed to be expired a week before. Besides depending upon the storage conditions, your greek yogurt may last even longer than that. 

If you’ve opened the packet of yogurt, you can save it in your refrigerator for about a week. In a freezer, it will last up to a month, but you better finish it before a month passes. An unopened pack, however, lasts a little bit longer. You can keep it in a freezer for about 1-2 months and in a refrigerator, it won’t last for more than a week or two.  

How to Tell if Your Greek Yogurt Has Gone Too Bad to Eat

Humankind has been able to survive and evolve as a species because of our senses and how we can utilize our senses. The putrid smell and unappetizing appearance of spoilt food repel us and save us from getting sick from foodborne illnesses. 

If you want to know whether your food has gone bad, you should utilize your senses. Look at your greek yogurt. If you see a pool of liquid or visible signs of mold growth on your yogurt, it belongs in the trash. A little bit of liquid on top of your yogurt shouldn’t be of any concern, but when you see too much liquid, don’t ignore it. 

Also, any unusual and unpleasant smell coming from yogurt should be a pretty telltale sign that you should not eat that yogurt, or use that yogurt to make any milkshakes or cake. Trust us, you should rather use plain yogurt, or run to the store if you must use greek yogurt, otherwise you might end up having to run to the hospital later. 


We know you love greek yogurt because it makes your milkshakes creamier and more yummy compared to when you use just normal yogurt. That is why we advise that you keep your yogurt in the best possible conditions so that you can don’t have to run to the grocery when you find out that your yogurt has gone bad. Keep it in the freezer if possible, that way you can store it for the longest time.