Ear Infection in Kids

Ear Infection in Kids – All You Need to Know

With the haphazard lifestyle we live today, infections are very common. And most of the parents like you are often worried about their child being infected easily. In Particular, ear infection is quite common in children. They tend to complain a lot about ear pain, and you would give everything to relieve them from this pain.

  • Causes, symptoms and possible solutions of ear infections

Sometimes you get confused between the ear wax formation and an infection. Remember, an infection is actually a more serious problem, and you require medical help immediately when your kid complains about such an issue. For the ear wax removal in NZ, contact Phoenix Healthcare Groups. They’ll immediately send the best help to deal with this problem and even provide the most reliable solution to it. And ear infection is one of those problems that tend to affect the children quite easily. We know you’re curious to know all about it in order to help your kid appropriately. So read all about the ear infections in children below:

  • Causes of ear infection — An ear infection is the result of the Eustachian tubes getting blocked or swollen. This leads to fluid build-up in the middle part of the ear. This blockage can be caused because of:
  • Allergies — Some of the kids can be allergic to various environmental factors like pest, dust, paint, etc. And this blockage is often a result of any one such allergy and may or may not be that severe.
  • ·Cold and cough — Cold and cough are the biggest and the most common causes of infections which cause the blockage to appear very easily, and it doesn’t get treated until you take special medications for the cough and cold.
  • Sinus infections — Sinus infections, though are caused by the nasal cavities getting inflated, swollen, or jammed, they have the power to spread to your ears as well. Such infection is mostly viral but treating the ears requires special medications.
  • · Excess mucus — Excess mucus formation and blockage in the chest of the kids also leads to this issue in the ears. Proper treatment of the mucus clearance is important in order to treat such an issue.
  • Symptoms of ear infection — An ear infection doesn’t happen just like that. You have to keep your eyes open to certain symptoms of this problem that the kids show. Some of them are:
  • Mild to extreme pain in the ears — Your child would complain about ear pains a lot and especially during the night when he/she is sleeping on that particular side.
  • Pus appearance in the ear — In some cases, there is pus secretion from the ears which is the sign of the infection getting bigger. We would recommend you not to take this matter very lightly and contact a medical practitioner immediately on seeing this.
  • · Hearing loss — Sometimes a child may show symptoms of temporary hearing loss because of this blockage or infection.

The ear is an important sensory organ in humans which can’t be neglected just like that. That is why you have to ensure that an infection in this part is never taken lightly, and that it is properly tended to.