Different Types of Gears

Different Types of Gears you Need to Know for Practicing Martial Arts

Martial arts practitioners are distinguished from each other due to their uniforms. Martial arts students are also distinguished from each other when they are in class or when they are attending martial arts in some fashion. So there are huge numbers of equipment along with uniforms used in martial arts. Some of them are mentioned below in my blog.

Various types of martial arts uniform

Martial arts uniforms are different from one another, they are made according to various forms of martial arts. Most martial arts require clothing for karate, judo, and jiu-jitsu, similarly, taekwondo needs dobok, and Maui-Thai requires various types of shorts. There are various grappling shorts for MMA, also boxing shorts for wrestling. Other than that if you are searching for appropriate gym gears that should be durable and long-lasting I would recommend you shop it from elite sports. Elite sports rash guards are super comfortable and give you the proper fit, as they are cheap and affordable too, and last for a longer time period. 

The taekwondo uniform

The uniform for taekwondo has originated from karate gi hence taekwondo was influenced by karate. The uniform of karate is called dobok, the upper part of the dobok is more like a shirt with v neck but not like a jacket. This uniform was made for taekwondo students so that they could pass their explosive strikes, without dropping their jacket. There is a differentiation between taekwondo uniform in terms of color, weight, and style. One of the policies of their uniform is that only black belt holders can wear a black v neck shirt only. 

Why do we need to wear proper uniforms in martial arts?

Wearing the proper uniform shows that how much we are indulged in our activity, other than that uniform is also the symbol of unity and it enables you to safely perform your activity. Uniforms also absorb dust and dirt and it can withstand all of the explosive punches, kicks, and throws because of its thick texture. 

The karate gi

In karate, there are various types of shirts made for students according to their tastes and requirements. Some shirts are designed in a way that you can easily pull them, while other forms of gi are available with pants and jackets. Other than that if you want to get suitable clothes for training in the gym you must shop for it for elite sports. Elite sports simply don’t compromise on the quality of their products, and their aim is to provide outclass gym gears that are suitably designed for your intense workout. Elite sports no. gi shorts are available in the best quality and cheap price which you can afford easily. So I would strongly recommend you get your gym gear from elite sports and enjoy your workout to the fullest. 

The right type of martial arts supplies for self-defense. 

It’s really important for you to get sure that you have the appropriate type of martial arts supplies which could protect you against several injuries. Every form of martial arts has its own kind of protective gear for example taekwondo has a special set of protective gear which helps in the protection of both fighters and also calculates the number of punches that both of the fighters deliver to each other. Other than that shin, ankle guards, and instep helps to protect the lower parts of your lower limb during combat. Similarly, head guards are really important during the training sessions and at the amateur stage. So if you are a beginner or you are trying to join martial arts classes, first of all, you must get a yourself-right type of martial arts safety gear because your safety matters a lot. 

Judo/ jiu-jitsu uniform

The outfit for grappling is basically heavyweight, it comprises a pant with full length and a top shirt, same as a gi. Hence lot and a lot of rubbing on the mat, kicks, punches, and grabs are involved so your uniform should be durable enough that don’t tear out easily, instead it should be durable and can handle all throws, kicks, and punches during combat. 

Kung Fu/Thai chai 

The uniform used in kung Fu Tai chi is actually made up of silk material and is light weighted. It is considered the most comfortable outfit of martial arts. The sash used in this uniform is actually the symbol of the rank of a fighter. The black frog bottom baby is called a tai chi uniform actually, the uniform without sleeves is called a southern Kung Fu uniform, likewise, the uniform with sleeves is called a northern kung Fu uniform. Other than that the crappy sky blue, orange, yellow, and pink chiffon color is called the wushu uniform.