cheat day

Celebrate Your Cheat Day In A Fun And Wise Manner – Here Are The Tips!

That one day in your week when you listen to your heart and follow your cravings is called the cheat day. We are sure you look upon it and wait eagerly to devour your favourite delicacies without any worries. We actually love this concept that doesn’t disturb your diet plan yet provides the best outlet for your cravings and taste buds. However, you shouldn’t even overdo it. (If you know what we mean!)

Ø  Tips to spend your cheat day wisely and excitingly

Food is a temptation. That being said, you know you have to control this temptation if you want to be fit and stay healthy. But this is easier said than done. That is why you consult all those dieticians and gym trainers to help you become fitter and healthier. But somehow, some way you tend to give in to your cravings in the middle of this diet and exercise chart and everything falls apart. That is why some great person invented this concept of a cheat day. (God bless the soul!) You fix a day of the week when you take a break from your diet and workout training and just relax! This gives you enough motivation for the next six days of rigour.  Now if you are looking for the ideal ways to spend your cheat day, read on.

o   Plan this day in advance — We agree that it is your cheat day, and you have the freedom to enjoy yourself completely both physically and mentally. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go crazy and let all the efforts of the week go down the drain. If you really want to enjoy your cheat day in a better way and that too regularly, ensure to plan this day in advance. You can keep a record of the calories you took in the entire week and then know how much you can consume on your cheat day. Even the workout, for that matter. You have to plan for an extra five to ten minutes of workout for the rest of the six days to burn those extra calories.

o   Note down your cravings — Now as you are planning for the cheat day, why don’t you note down your cravings? Do you feel like having a pizza or is it the chocolate shake? You obviously won’t be able to have them together on this day. So better plan the type of cuisine or the snacks that you crave to have the most.

o   Visit a nice restaurant or food hub — Though you might be a very good cook but celebrating your cheat day at home does not feel right. You have to visit one of the best restaurants or eateries in town to enjoy a fabulous meal in the most exclusive environment and treat yourself. Let us suggest one of the best restaurants in Whangarei— Nectar Café. They have been awarded multiple times for the best food they serve and even their finest hospitality. You are going to be treated like royalty here and they have some meal choices which are going to treat your tastebuds in the finest ways.

You should also remember to do some physical activity on this day like walk to the restaurant or hop a little as a part of a light workout. Also, get yourself a partner who celebrates the cheat day with you so that you can both stop each other from crossing the limits and getting over enthusiastic. To sign off, we just want to wish you a happy cheat day in advance!