Can Dogs Have Yogurt

Can Dogs Have Yogurt | What Kind of Yogurt Should You Give Your Dog

We know you love your dog and we know that you want to share everything with your furry friend. You want to share your bed, your house, even your food. But if you are not sure if your dog can have yogurt, we are going to tell you here in this article. You are going to find out if yogurt is good for your dog or not and what kind of yogurt should be served to your dog. 

Can Dogs Have Yogurt

Your dog can have the same yogurt as you do, provided it does not contain certain kinds of added products. Yogurt in and of itself is quite safe for dogs to eat. In fact, your dog can even have some nutritional benefits from eating yogurt. 

One element to look out for is xylitol that is often added to yogurt as a sweetener. Xylitol is completely safe for humans to consume, but for dogs, it is a completely different story. 

The harmless for human sweetener is quite toxic for dogs. It can damage your dog’s liver if it is consumed even in a small amount. That’s why you should steer clear of giving your dog any food that contains xylitol. After all, we know you don’t want to see your dog suffer. 

If the yogurt that you want to give your dog to use does not contain any artificial additives and sweeteners it is not going to harm your dog in any way. Doesn’t matter if it’s normal yogurt or greek yogurt, Your dog can safely have it. You can get creative and mix your dog’s favorite treats with yogurt make your dog loves the dish even more. 

The amount of yogurt your dog can have in one serving may depend on the size and weight of your dog, how active your dog is, are there any underlying health issues, or if your dog is neutered. You’d not do your dog any harm if you serve them a teaspoon or two of yogurt in a day, but too much more than that is unadvisable. If you keep these things in mind while serving, your dog is going to have a perfectly delicious and healthy meal. 

What Kind of Yogurt is best for Dogs

Plain, low-fat yogurt might not be your favorite kind of yogurt, but it is what’s best when it comes to your dog. Your dog will be able to enjoy all the probiotic effects of the good bacteria in the low-fat yogurt while avoiding the negative consequences of extra fat. 

A dog that is fed food that may contain too much fat tends to run into a lot of problems. Dogs that consume too much fat run the risk of becoming obese and developing related conditions. 

Is Yogurt Good for Dogs to Have

You might have been concerned if yogurt is even good for your dog to have, but the thing is it is actually quite beneficial for your dog to have yogurt. Yogurt contains a lot of essential ingredients that may help in your dog’s good health and growth. Yogurt contains protein, which is quite good for your dog. Also, calcium is another nutrient that yogurt has, it is an essential nutrient that your dog can benefit from. 

Adding a spoonful of yogurt to your dog’s food may result in your dog having a better than before immune system. It may also help your dog digest his food better. As long as you make sure that your dog isn’t lactose intolerant and look out for all the harmful additives in the yogurt, it will help your dog lead a healthier life. 


It is great that you care so much about your dog and you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure what’s safe for your dog to eat and what’s not. We are sure during the lockdown, being able to stay with your furry friend and hanging out with him all day probably was the only good thing about 2020. But as 2021 approaches we hope that your love and bond only grow stronger with time. Share your pack of yogurt with your dog all you want, we are sure your dog is going to love it.