Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

Bodybuilding Tips for Beginners

If you have just started bodybuilding and you want your muscle size to grow then there are useful tips that I will be going to discuss with you in today’s blog. Just keep in mind that you can’t grow your muscles mass within a few days, but for that, you have to wait. Just focus on your workout and diet and you will see the results. 

How to start bodybuilding?

Everything in the world has some starting point, you don’t have to take a start from the middle or from the end instead you have to make planning first and then you need to take initiatives. Now the question arises how you have to start bodybuilding? You may have observed many people entering the gym and trying to lift heavyweight, what do they achieve instead of tearing their muscles, and trying to recover which lasts for months. So I always recommend not to fall heavy on yourself. First of all, observe your body and focus on which muscles you have to work on. Besides that, if you are planning to attend bodybuilding classes in the gym for that you need to get suitable outfits because it’s really important to have comfortable gym gear. Born tough offers the best quality gym outfits that are designed best for your workout. Born tough bodybuilding tank tops are available at a cheap price with the best quality and durability.

Start exercising with basic exercises

Always take a start with basic exercises for example if you are doing shoulders exercise do one pressing movement and the other lateral raise movement. Similarly, if you are trying to work on your chest muscles then make a start with bench press or dumbbells. 

Compound exercises

Start practicing basic movements first and don’t fall heavy on yourself. Compound exercise basically works on a group of muscles at the same time. For example, squats are a compound exercise that works on the quadriceps, glutes, and calves. You may Start exercising like bench press, squats, deadlifts, and yes! Of course, shoulder presses too. 

Working on your back muscles

To become a bodybuilder you need to work on every muscle of your body. So you also have to focus on your back muscles as well. Back exercise includes pull-down movements, followed by pull in movements as well. You can perform this exercise in the form of sets with some repetitions. Other than that if you are in search of getting some workout clothes for your bodybuilding sessions and you need to buy outfits at a cheap price I would suggest you shop it from born tough. Born tough bodybuilding shorts provide immense comfort at a cheap price which no one can resist. So yes I would highly recommend you must shop your gym accessories and outfits from born tough.

Six-packs Abs workout

Any exercise that is working on your abdominal muscles will automatically work on your abs as well. One of the best exercises is hanging your leg with the strap, it will work on your core muscles directly. Abdominal crunches, bridges, and planks are well-known exercises that work on your abdominal muscles and slightly develop your six packs too. 

Working on your arms

You need to work a lot in developing the muscles of your biceps and triceps. For that there are several exercises that you need to perform, those are close grip bench press, single-arm pushdown, tricep pushdown, standing hammer curl, seated alternate dumbbells curls, and EZ- bar curls. You can also do some weight exercises without including the weight of equipment but the weight of your body only and these exercises include planks, pushups, and pull-ups as these exercises also work on your core muscles as well. 

Working on your legs muscles

You can develop the muscles of your legs by performing a few exercises like legs curls, legs extensions, and calf muscles workout. You can carry out your workout in 3 sets each followed by 12 to 15 reps. 

Eating before and after a workout

As you must have heard the saying that you are what you eat. So diet has a great influence on your body, what you eat before and after your workout plays an important role in your performance during your exercise. If you are getting a healthy diet then after an intense workout your body muscles get recovered easily. So in this way, a healthy diet has a huge impact on your performance and muscle recovery. 

Practicing cardio training

You can perform cardio exercises by simply biking or running on a treadmill for 20 minutes. In most cases, beginners tend to perform cardio after lifting heavy weights, but it’s totally wrong. You need to do your cardio workout before lifting heavy because lots of energy is being utilized when you lift the weight and it all depends upon muscle glycogens but in a cardio workout, fats are utilized as fuel. So you don’t need to deplete your glycogen stores from muscles instead you have to utilize fats first.

So to become a bodybuilder you need to have guidance from your coach first for a better understanding of all concepts. When you get training then you can make up your own workout regimes and programs.