Biofreeze Reviews : A Detailed Guide

Here is everything you need to know for Biofreeze. What is it? How does it work? Why is it used? Types of Biofreeze? You will get every bit of information here. So, let’s dive deeper into this and check out this amazing article.

No need to worry about Sprain/Strain anymore. 

So, you are working out and get a sprain. Well, what to do now? 

According to health experts, the best way to heal a sprain is by applying an ice pack to the affected part. It not only relieves the pain but also helps in fast recovery of the injury. 

So, here Biofreeze works in the same way. In layman terms you can consider Biofreeze as a ready-made ice pack. 

What is Biofreeze?

Biofreeze was developed in 1991 by Dr. Montague-King.

Biofreeze is a product that contains all the natural ingredients. It is a pain-relieving drug that works similar to ice in creating a cooling effect when applied.

The best thing about Biofreeze is it works much better than ice packs. Where ice packs just relieve pain, Biofreeze reduces the swelling, stiffness, irritation along with relieving the pain. 

Also, the rate of working of Biofreeze is twice compared to ice packs. They act on the Peripheral and Central nervous system and completely relieves the pain. It is an example of Cryotherapy. Cryo means cold and therapy means treatment. It means providing cold treatment and healing by creating a cold sensation in the affected area.

It works on the principle where whenever the body experiences any pain, the Central Nervous System sends a signal. Biofreeze blocks these signals and thereby provides a relaxing feeling to the body. You can apply Biofreeze to any part of the body including foot, ankle, hand, wrist, waist, elbow, hip, back, arms, foot and shoulders.

Biofreeze falls in the category of analgesics. It means they are directly applied to the affected area and are not taken orally. Apart from sprains, it is used to treat various problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, sprain, strain, overworked muscles, and much more. It comes as a gem when it comes to Athletes, as they end up hurting themselves much more. The best way to apply Biofreeze is to directly apply it on the affected area and massage it well on the skin. It will penetrate inside and you will feel the effect within a few hours. 

Why is it used?

Here are some of the major uses of Biofreeze. 

This analgesic is used to treat various issues ranging from minor aches and muscle sprains to severe problems such as arthritis. From backache, sprain, strain, and sore joints Biofreeze is a solution to every muscle/joint problem.

The best part is you can carry it along with you anywhere you go. From home, office, gym, or on the way you can just carry Biofreeze in your bag.

Ingredients in Biofreeze

The ingredients contained in the Biofreeze are as follows:

  • Menthol which is the quantity of 3.5%
  • Camphor just to add the fragrance
  • Carbomer
  • FD&C blue#1
  • FD&C yellow #5
  • Glycerine
  • Herbal Extract
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Methylparaben
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Triethanolamine
  • The last is water

Side-effects of Biofreeze 

As we all know, every coin has two sides, the only difference is some cause minor or little side effects whereas others have long-lasting side effects. No matter, Biofreeze comes as a gem when we accidentally slip on the floor, hurt ourselves while working out too hard, and end up getting a sprain or strain.

Biofreeze also has some of the side effects. Although, these side effects vary from person to person. Some of you may see these effects while others might not. The major side effects include: 

  • You can feel burning on your skin.
  • Some may experience itching and redness also.
  • One of the other side-effects is the irritation on the surface of the skin.

Apart from these minor side effects, there are some of the severe side effects that are quite dangerous. If you face any one of these, you need to call your healthcare provider right away. These side effects include:

  • Severe skin irritation that causes a burning sensation.
  • Allergic reactions on the skin like rashes, hives, itching, red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin
  • High fever of above 100 degrees.
  • Cold, cough, or wheezing.
  • Respiration problems.
  • Trouble in speaking, voice issues. 


There are some of the preventive methods that you should take while applying Biofreeze. It includes:

  • Always consult with your personal health professional before using it if you have sensitive skin.
  • Before applying it, it is advised to first do a patch test.
  • Do not apply Biofreeze on sensitive areas such as under the eyes or around the nose.
  • Do not apply any other ointment or something above Biofreeze.
  • Always sanitize your hands after using Biofreeze.
  • Do not use it if you face any severe allergic reactions.
  • Always take the advice of your healthcare professional if you are lactating or are pregnant.
  • Always keep it away from children.
  • Do not cover your skin after applying it. 

Biofreeze Gel

The Biofreeze comes in different forms like Biofreeze gel, Biofreeze spray, Biofreeze cream, and Biofreeze roll on. Biofreeze Gel is best to apply to areas where you need to massage more and more. When it comes to Biofreeze, this gel tube is among the most demanding one when compared to other forms in the market. It penetrates easily into the skin and gives you a calm and soothing effect while relieving the pain. The best part about this is paraben-free. One can easily buy it from any pharmacy and can use it to get some relief. Also, this gel tube is amazing when it comes to applying on areas that need a little more care.

Biofreeze Spray

There are places on your body where you can’t reach such as the back side of your body and other upper extremities. So, you don’t need to worry about this anymore as Biofreeze gel will always be there for the rescue. Also, this 360-degree bottle has one of the best spray qualities when it comes to continuous smooth flow even when it is reversed. You can easily blow it out through the air in the form of tiny drops and within a fraction of hours, you will be relieved from all your pain. Many people prefer to use Biofreeze sprays as they are easy to apply and provide the same amazing results.

Biofreeze Cream

 Biofreeze cream is available in a thick white-yellow colour form that has excellent moisturization and creamy texture. With a moisturizing effect, Biofreeze works best by giving you a cold feeling and starting your work without worrying about the pain. Also when it comes to massage, Biofreeze creams serve the purpose very well. It is non-greasy in nature. It also makes the skin glowing and shiny too without causing any dryness while curing your pain simultaneously. Also, it is made up of natural ingredients that will minimize the side-effects so one can easily go for it without worrying much about it. Also, don’t cover your skin after applying it.

Biofreeze Roll-On

 Just Slipped on the road on your way to the office. Don’t worry. Biofreeze roll-on is a perfect applicator to treat your injuries without any mess. It is the other form of Biofreeze which is easily available in the market. You can easily use it in the delicate areas as well as it contains all the natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin. When it comes to relieving pain Biofreeze roll-on is one of the most preferred roll-ons. It is also advised to use it four times a day to get benefits from it. Researchers have proven that Biofreeze decreases the pain twice as compared to ice-pack. Also, it is readily available in any nearby pharmacy.


Now, a much faster, long-lasting, and powerful solution to all your muscle/joint problems. A perfect solution to muscle/joint sprain/strain that you can use anytime anywhere. 

There is a reason Biofreeze is recommended by every healthcare professional and athlete when it comes to addressing muscular injuries.

So, don’t worry and work out as much as you want without the fear of falling.

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