Ashley Graham Weight Loss

Ashley Graham Weight Loss 2022 [Latest] Diet, Surgery, Workout, After Before

Supermodel Ashley Graham is pregnant for the 2nd time and this time she is having twins. The model gave birth to her first son in January 2020 and she certainly didn’t shy away from sharing her experience with the changes to her body after giving birth. She talked about how breastfeeding hasn’t been helping her lose weight as many told her it would. But she may have found the secret behind what would help her with weight loss. 

Ashley released her guide to losing weight in the form of the book ‘Everyday Habits to Make You Lose Weight Faster If You Are Too Busy or Downright Lazy’. From the title, it seems like a fun guide to weight loss. If you want to hear what Ashley has to say about weight loss, you can read the book, it is available on Amazon. But before you do, let’s talk about a couple of other factors that help Ashley stay fit and healthy. 

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Focus On Being Fit, Not Just Thin

There is a difference between just being thin and being fit, one is about fitting into society’s current beauty standard and the other one is about actually being healthy. There is no ideal weight mold for everyone to fit in, different people have different needs when it comes to weight. If you have a normal BMI, then you shouldn’t worry about looking thin enough. Being thin isn’t an indication of health, so you should focus more on being fit instead of being thin. 

As it turns out, Ashley would agree, as she is big on body positivity. She is one of the first models that are not super thin to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, so we can safely say that she does not care about fitting into the super-thin mold that many supermodels are required to fit into. And that fact isn’t holding her back in any way. She is healthy, she gave birth to a healthy body, and her model career is just as healthy. 

You shouldn’t worry too much about a couple of extra pounds of fat either. As long as you are healthy, a couple of extra pounds aren’t going to be able to hold you back. 

Eat Wholesome Food

You are what you put into your body, so you better take a look at what you consume. Ashley eats fresh foods that are full of nutrients which helps her nourish her body and stay fit. 

Many modern diets tend to paint carbs in a bad light, but the reality might be a bit different. In reality, carbs aren’t your enemy, they make us full, and fill us with the energy that we need to go on with our day. 

If you want to be fit like Ashley, eat your carbs along with your proteins and green juice. Ashley eats sweet potatoes and brown rice to provide her with the carbs she needs and they are both excellent sources. Along with them, she also makes sure to get her does with green vegetables in the form of green juices.

Even if you want to lose weight, starving yourself is not going to do you that much good. If you want to be healthy, make sure you eat a healthy portion of food that contains all the necessary nutrients. What you can do is divide your meal portion into smaller sizes and eat them in multiple sittings. Studies show that eating 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones can help you lose weight while also getting your necessary nutrients. 

Get Your Exercise Regularly

Now, exercise is the part where the actual fat burning comes in. You can eat a healthy portion and not gain any weight if you exercise. So, instead of getting into a starvation diet, you should be focusing on a proper exercise regime that will help you lose weight. 

If you look at Ashley’s Instagram, you can see her doing everything from yoga to kickboxing and you can follow her example. Exercise doesn’t have to be just boring weightlifting, running, cycling, boxing, they are all forms of exercise. You can choose the one that is fun for you, that way you are much more likely to stick to it. 

No need to overdo it in the beginning, you can start with light exercise and build your way up to the heavy-duty stuff. If you need it, you can take help from a personal trainer, but even if you don’t as long as you are consistent, you can lose weight. 

Most Importantly Love Yourself

So, you’ve got fat in your body, everyone does, some more than others. People may look differently at you when you have that, but you only lose when you stop loving yourself. Your body type will vary throughout your life, you can’t let that get you, you’ve got to love yourself. 

In her Ted Talk, Ashley talked about her journey with body positivity and how she learned to choose to love the back fat that keeps popping over her bra. You need to do the same. If you don’t learn to love yourself it is just going to make the process a whole lot harder for you. No one is perfect, a lot of skinny people hate themselves too, they manage to find flaws in themselves. We’ve got to love ourselves, warts and all, then it doesn’t matter what happens to us, or our body, we can pull ourselves back up again.