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5 Amazing DIY Face Masks for Naturally Glowing Skin

These days markets are brimming with skincare products. We can find new skincare products every other day. Some products are good while some don’t meet our expectations. Is there anything which matches age old DIY masks?

These days markets are brimming with skincare products. We can find new skincare products every other day. Some products are good while some don’t meet our expectations. Is there anything which matches age old DIY masks? 

If one lists down the benefits of DIY masks, it is never going to end. 

  1. They are pocket friendly. 
  2. One can be sure of the ingredients used. 
  3.  They are herbal. Herbal products are a rave these days and are getting very expensive.
  4.  Ingredients can be adjusted as per requirements which means DIY masks are customized. 

And the list continues……..

This post brings 5 amazing tried and tested DIY masks for naturally glowing skin. 

1)   Salicylic Acid Face Mask: Salicylic Acid is a kind of beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) which is used in many skincare products. It finds use mainly in anti acne topical medications due to its exfoliating properties. It not only acts as exfoliating agent but also soothes the skin due to its anti inflammatory properties.  

Where to find Salicylic Acid: Salicylic Acid can be found in powder form in local drugstores. If you are unable to find it in your local chemist shop, don’t worry. We have a proxy setting for the same ;). Just ask for aspirin tablets. Aspirin is Acetyl Salicylic Acid and its effects on skin are akin to that of Salicylic Acid.

Ingredients: 1)   Salicylic Acid Powder –  

2) Teaspoon or spirin Tablets-  

3)   Honey –   2 Teaspoons                         

4) Lemon Juice –  0.5 ml

Method: Mix all the ingredients (if you are using aspirin tablets, crush them first) and form a paste of desired consistency. Apply on face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with water. 

All the three ingredients are very good for skin. Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells and cleans deeper layers of skin. Apart from deep cleansing and rejuvenation, it soothes the skin. Honey is a hydrating agent and is quite effective on blemishes. Moreover, honey is loaded with micronutrients which improve the general condition of skin. It also has anti ageing properties. Who does not want to look young after all ????? Lemon Juice is a natural bleach for skin and                                            

lightens the skin tone. So this face mask is a multipurpose skin care formula which cleanses the skin, provides mild peeling, works on blemishes and lightens the skin tone. 

Caution: Salicylic Acid in this face mask may cause little burning sensation during first few minutes which is quite normal. So please do not panic.  

2)  Gram Flour, Turmeric & Milk Mask ( Besan, Haldi aur Doodh Mask): Well.. This is something that has been passed on from generations. There is certainly one or two members in all Indian households who swear by this mask. This acts as a go to mask when one does not have time to gather some complicated ingredients. All the ingredients are readily available in kitchen. 

Ingredients: 1) Gram flour- 1 Tablespoon 2) Turmeric- 1-2 pinches   3)  Milk – As desired to make a mask like consistency                     

Method: Take gram flour and turmeric in a bowl. Add some milk and mix to form a paste. Apply on face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off in circular movements with water. This face mask provides glow to skin. Use it three times a week to get rid of marks and blemishes. Its regular usage clears facial hair along with making skin fairer and clearer. 

Tip: Oily skin beauties may add curd and a little lemon juice instead of milk for added benefits

Caution: Turmeric in this mask can stain clothes so be careful when using this face mask. One can wear an old t-shirt when applying this mask. 

3)  Rice Flour and Almond Face Mask: This DIY mask was used by me during my teenage years when I was suffering from acne. Problem of acne was not that severe but it were the marks and pits which created a mess. At that point of time, sole aim in my life was to get rid of those marks. This mask was suggested to me by my grandfather who was a very renowned Vaid (Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner). And to my surprise, I had crystal clear skin within one and a half month of using this mask. Prior to using this mask, my family was apprehensive if those marks would ever go. I forgot to mention, there were some chickenpox marks as well. And voillaaaaaaa…..  I surprised everyone. Love u dada and miss u sooooo much. 

Let’s get back to the mask.

Method: Take 1 teaspoon rice flour and add 7-8 crushed almonds. Mix the two ingredients and make a thick paste by adding milk (preferably raw milk/ kaccha doodh). Apply a layer on face and leave on for 20-25 minutes. Rinse off with water. 

Rice flour has whitening and anti ageing properties. Rice has been used as staple in skin care routine in china since centuries. Almonds are rich in Vitamin E which is essential for healthy skin. Milk is a natural bleach and toner. This face mask makes skin fairer, removes blemishes and tightens the skin. 

4)  Banana, Honey and Olive Oil Face Mask: This mask is hydrating, anti marks, anti blemishes, anti ageing and fights fine lines. 

Method: Take a ripe banana, 1 tablespoon honey and one teaspoon olive oil. Cut banana into small pieces. Add honey and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients well to make a thick paste. Apply on face and rinse off after 20-25 minutes. 

5)  Honey and Curd Face Mask: When eaten, honey and curd have many health benefits. Topical benefits of the two ingredients are same for the skin as oral benefits for overall health. When applied on skin, the two ingredients provide antioxidants and many beneficial nutrients to the skin. This mask fights tanning and works on blemishes to give a glow to the skin. 

Method: Take one tablespoon of curd and 1/4th of a tablespoon of honey. Mix well and apply on face. Wash off after 20-25 minutes. 

All the lovely ladies and gentlemen there, try these face masks this festive season for a naturally glowing skin and share your experiences with us.

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