Gracefully And Happily

All That It Takes To Age Gracefully And Happily!

You freak out as soon as you catch a glimpse of grey hair and wrinkles on your skin. Regardless of your gender, aging is something that is often considered a weak point. Perhaps, we are socially conditioned to think this way? We ask, why? When age is just a number and a biological process, why should it be so difficult to accept? And just because you have lived say six or seven decades of your life, it does not mean that you have to stop living. You are as alive and precious as someone in their mid-20s or 30s.

Make aging a pleasant experience! 

Everything is beautiful in this world if you know how to cherish them. Even growing older can be a delightful process when you know the right ways to tackle the changes in your body and mind. Yes, there will be aches and ailments, but don’t the young people bear them too? Why stress upon this factor and spoil the silver time of your life? You never know if this period can turn out to be the best one of your life. To prove this better, we have some tips that will help you get used to being older in a happy and chirpy way:

·Change your perspective – There was a time when people used to turn into nomads and stop interacting in society as soon as they reached the age of 60. Even the women after facing the menopause stage used to give up dressing beautifully and being active and socializing. Well, that happened when education was not common, and people considered aging as a taboo. Today, you can be rocking and entirely successful and happy even when you reach your 90s. They say you age by heart and not by your body. So, if you consider yourself as somebody who is old and eager to leave the world because you touched 80, then you have to change your perspective. Only then can you find happiness and willingness to live life to the fullest and grow old gracefully.

·Opt for a healthy lifestyle — Your health is the most crucial factor to consider regardless of your age. Even young individuals should keep a close eye on the food they eat and their lifestyle. But as you age, your body demands more of this routine to stay fitter and stronger. Ensure you are consuming food rich in nutritional content, and even taking supplements (after consulting a doctor) to aid in better immunity. You should also follow a workout routine and ensure your body gets a good amount of exercise daily. There are lots of gyms with personal trainers who will love to help you in this matter. Then there is a fantastic workout technique called – sit and be fit by Sit and Be Fit that provides you with a good range of exercises for seniors. They are a non-profit organization and provide video and audio guidance on various channels and TV. You just have to follow them, and your body will evolve to be more active and healthier very soon. 

·Follow your dreams – We think your life takes a fresh start after you turn 60. Now that you don’t have the regular responsibilities of your job and family, you can pursue your interests and dreams. And who knows, you might even get paid for it. For instance, if cricket was your love earlier while you were an engineer, go, join the training now and represent your team in the over 60s match. Or perhaps, pottery and painting fascinate you – learn and indulge in them and sell them online or in local stores.

After taking care of all these matters, ensure that you are paying a lot of attention to your physical appearance as well. If you don’t want to show off your grey, it is alright! You can always color them in attractive shades. Then there are also cosmetic surgeries that can help you prevent the appearance of wrinkles for some more years. You can dress beautifully and in the chicest way and flaunt your unique style to the world. In the end, be happy that you are gaining more experience of the world and becoming more beautiful as you do so.

Infographic Provided By Family Dentist, Stephen Wallace DDS