The Truth About Juicing – Is It Good or Bad?

If we’re being honest, we don’t really consume as much fruits and vegetables as we would like our peers (especially our mothers) to believe. In fact, we might not even come close to the recommended amount that nutritionists and health gurus advocate. 

So with all our time divided between work and other responsibilities, how can we make sure that we get in the 5 to 9 servings of healthy greens in a day? This is where juicing comes in. 

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of juicing from your health-nut friend or co-worker. Over the years, this method of consuming fruits and vegetables has generated enough buzz in the health community–but does it actually work? 

While the idea of juicing may seem appealing to you, it’s important to get to know its pros and cons before committing to it first. With a lot of careful research and study, I’ve rounded up the top benefits and advantages that juicing can offer. 

The Pros of Juicing

1. It helps you intake the daily recommended amount for vegetables and fruits. 

If there is a case to be made in favor of juicing, this will be the number one argument. So if you are the type of person who just can’t seem to take in your greens without wanting to vomit, then this might just work for you. Instead of forcing down, say, a kale salad, a much faster and efficient way of in taking it is through juicing.

This works well if you’re pressed for time or don’t have the energy to prepare healthy meals too. You can simply toss in all of the fruits and vegetables that you want and blend it together–voila! You now have a healthy meal that you can take on-the-go to work or to school. 

2. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of dozens of minerals and vitamins.

Time and time again, our body bags down as a reminder that we’re not getting enough nutrients from the food that we eat. So if you are on a mission to strengthen your body and increase your energy, juicing is the right way to go about it. These juices are often supercharged with minerals and vitamins 

This is great news for those of you who identify as one of the picky eaters too. Not only will you save yourself the trouble in preparation, but you can also easily chug down your juice without a problem. Not to mention, when you juice, you effectively break down fruits and vegetables into a form that your body should be able to digest more easily. Without your body working extra hard to metabolize your food, you’ll likely experience more energy and enjoy more regular bowel movements–and frankly, that’s a big enough reason to juice in itself. 

3. Juicing is a great detox option. 

Detoxing can be one of the healthiest things that you can do on a regular basis. With dozens of benefits that it can offer your body, no wonder experts recommend that you do this to reset your health. It can help you flush out the toxins in your body, among other benefits.

With juicing and detoxing hand-in-hand, you can successfully jump start your journey to a healthier diet and lifestyle

The Cons of Juicing

1. You’ll be missing out on fiber during a juice cleanse.

Your body needs fiber for a smooth digestive process and can help you feel fuller for longer. The issue with juicing is that it mostly strips away the fiber from your fruit and vegetables, leaving you with just its juices. 

Free sugars–this is what is often left after you purge the fiber from your meals and drink its juices instead. Not only will this spike up your insulin levels, but it will potentially leave you feeling hungry for the duration of your juice detox too. 

2. You may suffer through side effects caused by juicing. 

Much like any other detox option, juicing too has its side effects. This might range from a mild headache to full-blown migraine and fatigue. This is because juices can be concentrated in sugar and potentially low in fiber. With rapid dip and rise in your blood sugar, headaches and nausea are almost always guaranteed. 

3. Juicing will set you back a few minutes in preparation too.

Sure, this may take less time to prepare than an actual meal, but it still can take up a lot of your time. After all, you would still need to go through the process of rinsing, cutting up, juicing, and cleaning up if you do decide to go on a juice cleanse. 

You might even be tempted to buy those store-bought juices instead, but you risk not knowing what goes in on what you’re drinking. 

So there you have it–the pros and cons of a juice cleanse. While this is a tough decision to make, there might just be a solution to the cons that we have outlined in this article. You see, with the right juicing equipment it’s possible to still be able to enjoy your fiber and reap the full benefits of the fruits and vegetables in your juice. Your blender plus the following tips can help you get the most out of your juice fast:

1. Load up on vegetables when you’re juicing. 

True, fruit will help make your juice more bearable, but putting in less fructose will do your body good. This is why I recommend that you put in more vegetables than fruit in your juice. 

2. Choose low-glycemic fruits when you’re juicing. 

If it hasn’t been established enough yet–sugar is your enemy when it comes to juice cleansing. By choosing fruits that have a low glycemic load, you’ll be able to avoid as much sugar as you can. 

3. Don’t limit yourself to a pure-juice diet.

Emphasis on cleansing and not on juicing should be given. As such, know that you are allowed to have your healthy servings of solid fruits and vegetables. This way, you can get in as much fiber that you need for healthy bowel movements. 


Diastasis Recti in Men: Common Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

You might have observed various ladies (especially pregnant women) and men suffering from Diastasis Recti. Diastasis Recti in men is barely found but the people having excessive abdominal fat are apt to develop this disorder. One of the clear signs of this disease is a major bulge in your mid-abdomen. The paleness and division of your abdomen muscles is the main cause that leads to the generation of a huge pooch in your stomach (probably the mid-abdomen, often known as abs). So if you aren’t familiar with this critical disease, read on this guide to ascertain its causes, symptoms, and possible treatment. 

Causes of Diastasis Recti in Male/Female

When a lot of stress or weight is placed on your stomach, it causes your abdominal muscles to get divided which leads to the formation of a big bulge on your mid-abdomen. Basically, the pregnant women are more prone to Diastasis Recti as the developing uterus causes stress on the stomach muscles which detaches it causing the formation of a large pooch. However, the causes aren’t limited to pregnancy or obesity; in fact, any sort of factor that causes a lot of pressure on your belly can turn out to be the major cause of this issue. To name a few, weightlifting, genetics issue, stomach-related exercises, a sudden change in your weight, swelling in your abdomen, or HIV infection can also cause this terrible disease.

Besides men and women, even the newborn infants that have experienced a premature birth tend to suffer from this disease as their stomach muscles are not grown completely. But the good news is that the disease in such cases gets solved once the abdominal muscles of a child fully develop.

Common Symptoms of Diastasis Recti

A huge bulge around your stomach which becomes more visible when you put pressure or weight on your abdomen is the common symptom you can notice amongst the patients suffering from this horrible disorder. Apart from the abdominal pooch, the people suffering from this disease tend to experience, bloating, constipation, lower back pain, and bad posture.

Risk Factors 

Individuals that frequently strain their abdominal muscles or those suffering from obesity are more likely to develop Diastasis Recti. These people mainly involve those who practice regular weightlifting exercises, pregnant ladies, and people with excessive belly fat. In addition to the mentioned risk factors, your daily postures also influence the functioning of your abdomen. So rather than bending to collect bulky objects, it is advisable to collect it by lifting

As per the research, men suffering from the dreadful AAA condition can also develop the disorder. In fact, your risk to develop the pooch escalates if you’re going through abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA).


In order to diagnose the state, a practitioner would take your certain physical test including sit-ups, crunches, and more. If a hefty pooch is noticed in your stomach muscles, you’re apt to diagnose with Diastasis Recti. Furthermore, the specialist would take CT scan, Calipers, and an ultrasound test to ascertain the gap between your muscles and the seriousness of the disease.

How to treat Diastasis Recti ?

Although Diastasis Recti couldn’t be termed as a life-threatening issue, it can turn out to be really painful if you carry some heavy packages or you simply perform any abdomen-based exercise. Exercise has proven to be beneficial in some cases but there isn’t any clinical evidence found till date. Exercises and meditation that reinforce your hips, stomach, and lower back can help you get some relief.

Note that some weightlifting exercises and any type of workout that strain your abdominal muscles should be avoided as it can worsen the state. Or if you still wanna do it, consult a physical therapist to practice the powerlifting exercises in an appropriate manner. If you’re taking this disease more as a cosmetic issue, it is worth buying a slimming belt to alleviate the pooch.

Final Words

Diastasis Recti can be cured with back and abdomen strengthening exercises unless they are performed inappropriately. If you’re suffering from obesity then you should first aim to lose weight to get rid of the recurrence of the disease. Furthermore, if you’re a fitness freak and practice regular workout including weightlifting exercise, make sure you lift the hefty objects properly.

If still, you couldn’t find any relief from the issue, you should consult your doctor and get medication and surgery (in severe cases) to get rid of the disease. All the best!


Exercise and its Good and Bad Effects During Monthly Period

Are you receiving tons of hearsays or myths about exercising on or before your monthly period? Couldn’t you decide what to do and what to believe? 

Then time for you to be enlightened because here are the possible answers to your curiosity.  And as you read these, you would have more confidence and knowledge when Aunt Flo makes her monthly visit. 


If your mind is mostly clouded with negative hearsays or frightening myths about doing an exercise during your period, then better read the following to know the good effects it has for you. 


Exercise, specifically yoga, reduces the possibility of blood clotting during your monthly period. There are a variety of poses that help boost blood flow and circulation that greatly helps in preventing clotting.

If you are deciding to try yoga or starting to pack up your things to go and attend a yoga class, then I’m giving you all the support that you need. You go, girl!


It is usual for women to experience bad moods during a monthly period – periods and this kind of brat behaviour go together like bread and butter. However, if you would allocate some time maybe an hour or an hour and a half of exercise, then you could fight that monstrous mood. 

Stress, anxiety and many more that goes with the mood swings are the usual reasons why you can’t enjoy the 4-5 days of the month because of your period. Here are the following options/ways to fight those feelings: 

  • Have a morning walk 
  • Run for a better day
  • Sweat out and do Pilates
  • Go go go for Yoga!
  • Move and stretch 
  • Dance the pain away


When it says exercise, you aren’t opted for going on a gym or visit fitness centres. You could do home exercise that would give you more time and confidence to move and sweat. 

Through exercise, endorphins are released that makes the menstrual cramps to lessen. And also, it could also help you fight residential headaches during your monthly visit.


When trying to cope with the pain and discomfort of your periods, you’re most probably sleep deprived.  To stop and fight these hindrances on your sleep, make it a routine to have regular exercise in the morning and before you sleep. Doing yoga poses, stretching and even a 10-minutes exercise before going to bed can deliver you an enough z’s.


Having an irregular period shouldn’t be tolerated especially when the solutions are all in your hand. Go get yourself some determination and start working on getting a regular monthly visit. Follow these steps and see results for yourself:

  • Note down your monthly cycles
  • Avoid getting stressed
  • Consistently eat fruits and herbs especially those who are rich in fiber
  • Eat papaya, pineapples, and parsley when your period is fast approaching, with an accompaniment of exercise.


  • Yoga
  • Light cardio workout
  • Home exercise


So, you are now about to know the scientifically proven bad effects of exercising to your monthly period. Buckle up and I assure you that these aren’t hearsays. 


Everything that’s too much is bad, and that could also be applied to exercising too much. If you think that you’re doing well and feeling sexier by exhausting yourself with excessive exercise, then you must be wrong. 

Because it may cause a delay in your monthly period. If you’re already experiencing this scenario twice or more in a row, then you must be having amenorrhea which couldn’t be tolerated. If you’re aware that you’re missing out your period, then you are advised to have yourself checked by the doctor.


Another bad effect you can get from excessive exercise is spotting. You may experience spotting between your periods that might be caused by a sudden loss of weight, exhaustion from too much exercise, or stress.

Like any other bad effects, this isn’t something that must be tolerated. Always seek for the doctor’s advising to prevent yourself from having an undesired sickness.


Now that you’re given a glimpse of how exercise can affect your body, I hope that you’ll be double mindful and careful. Don’t strive for the “World’s Slimmest Waist” award, as long as you know how to balance everything, then everything may fall into place. 


Kath Ramirez is a journalism graduate who aims to turn her dreams into her passion. Her love for writing started when she was seven years old, reading illustrated books. Writing articles, reading books, and dancing is her passion and she breathes into life with these. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays, a food addict but health conscious. She now works as a dedicated writer for Fitbiz, a health and fitness equipment provider based in Australia. 


Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Body – Best Healthy diet

In the present-day world, we are becoming susceptible to different types of health problems to a greater extent. The reason behind all of these problems is none other than our wrong lifestyle, wrong eating habits etc.

Thus, to stay healthy and fit, we need to pay attention to our lifestyle plus eating habits. Now many of us might hear that eating something less or restricting something from eating, can provide instant as well as excellent results. But in fact, it is entirely wrong and is a myth.

Thus, today in this post we are going to share the best healthy diet with you all of you, which will help you to clear all your doubts. Now, as we all know that a perfect diet should comprise of all the nutrients, which are vital for the body for proper functioning. So here we start and here the list begins:- 

1. Include Vegetables and Fruits in your diet

Vegetables and Fruits are the best foods items which you should include in your daily meals, to make it a complete diet.  It is because the combination of both helps to prevent your body from different kinds of diseases, and give you the energy to be in a good physical state.

Also, you should avoid eating unnatural synthetic foods which contain lots of salt and sugar like readymade fruit or vegetable juice, which is the source of many serious diseases like high BP, skin problems, eyesight problems, certain types of cancers,  diabetes, etc, instead, you should eat them directly as it provides more nutritious value.

2. Have Carbs in Your Plate

For making a diet whole, you should also take carbohydrates in your meals. The reason behind it is that carbohydrates are essential for a healthy balance diet. According to studies, 75 to 85% of calories are resulting from carbs in our food. Thus, we should take carbohydrates which are complex and also contains fiber, in our meals. So that we feel full for a long time, in a way to prevent ourselves from overeating and hence away from different health problems.

The complex carbs are mainly present in brown rice, whole grains, lentils, fruits, and veggies. Thus, we should take these instead of taking refined carbs like bread, white rice, etc.

Calories intake in a day: – 1900 to 2320 calories

Carbs intake in a day: – 225 to 325 grams

3. Don’t forget to have Proteins

Protein also plays a vital role in a healthy diet plan. Thus it should be a part of the plate during meals. As per the experts, there should be 25 to 30% protein must be included in your diet.

Thus, take this protein in your diet from products like milk, quinoa, egg, soy, oats, broccoli, beans, cottage cheese, and gram flour to get help in weight loss, skin, hairs, soft tissues related problems.

Protein intake in a day: – 55-60 grams

4. Decrease The unnecessary Fats From Your Meal

Now when we are saying to remove fats from your meals, then it is for unnecessary fats, as not all fats are bad for health. So you should understand the difference and then proceed toward any diet plan for a healthy body.

For good fats, you should take food which contains omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, monounsaturated fat, and polyunsaturated fat, along with that avoiding fat like saturated fat, Trans fat, etc.

5. Micro But Important – Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients but are as important as other elements are essential for a perfect power packed body, as micronutrients are responsible for crucial activities like cell production, metabolism, healing wounds; boost the immune system, bone maintenance, muscle and nerve function.

Thus include milk, eggs, beans, almonds, fish, bananas, dark green leafy vegetables, berries, avocado, cereals, nuts of different types to get all necessary vitamins and minerals.


Thus, for having a perfect body, we should eat wisely, on a fixed time as mentioned in the above post to stay in the pink and free from approximately all health-related problems. Also, a little exercise will not harm your health.

Weight Loss

6 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work


Weight loss can seem intimidating when you think about having to give up your favorite foods and switch to boring salads. But as long as you control the portions of what you eat and not go on a crazy binge-eating session, you can enjoy all your favorite foods in moderation.

One way to control your portions is to switch your big dishes and plates with small ones. This way, you will eat much smaller portions but your brain will be tricked into thinking that you ate a whole plate of food. 


One of the most essential steps in weight loss is having a high-protein heavy breakfast every day. One needs to consume the majority of their macros in their breakfast so that it’s easy to digest throughout the day.

As one moves from meal to meal throughout the day, the size and calories of the foods should decrease. Dinner should be small in size and should be consumed 4-5 hours before bedtime. 


The importance of drinking enough water cannot be emphasized enough. Even after intense exercise and dieting, one may not be able to see satisfying results and one of the reasons can be inadequate water intake.

When you don’t drink enough water in the day, your body clings to the little bit that is left in the body. Unsure of the next time it will get water, it retains it making you bloat. Therefore, 7-8 glasses of water every day is important to get rid of water weight from the body.


In order to lose weight, a clean diet accompanied with exercise helps to yield better and faster results. Doing 10-15 minutes cardio that raises the heart rate and makes you sweat is adequate and can fit into busy schedules.

If the idea of hitting the gym every day intimidates you, don’t worry, you can make yourself sweat by doing activities that you love. You can cycle, swim, dance, jog or do anything as long as it makes your heart race and body burn calories. 


Foods like whole grains, lentils, hot peppers and grapefruits can result in fat burning and weight loss. Eating fibrous foods like apples, broccoli, carrots and artichokes can make you feel full easily and have very few calories, thus preventing you from consuming high calorie foods.

Drinking unsweetened black coffee and green tea also promotes weight loss by improving metabolism of the body due to the high content of anti-oxidants present in them.


Weight loss is a mental battle more than it is a physical battle. Do not expect it to be a smooth journey as you will face a lot of struggles. The key is to remain patient and be consistent even if the results seem slow in the beginning. You should be practical and not understand that weight loss is a gradual process and should be done healthily.

So do not starve or over-exhaust yourself as it can easily result in the breakdown of your body, physical or mental. Physical breakdowns like injuries and illnesses could put you two steps behind and mental breakdowns like giving into cravings and binge-eating could destroy your confidence and de-motivate you, thus hindering your weight loss journey.

 So remember to maintain a balance and be patient and consistent with your diet and exercise routine.

Home Remedies

6 Natural Home Remedies for Itching in Private Parts (Male/Female)

As per the famous research, a majority of the men and women suffers from itching in their genitals at some point in their life. Without a doubt, perpetual itching is the awkward situation especially when you are at your workplace or simply out for some reason. Not to mention, the genital parts are one of the most sensitive and delicate sections of a human body and so they tend to get affected by bacterial or viral infection, use of excessive chemicals, and other such skin-related disorders. 

However, the causes aren’t limited to infection or the usage of chemicals rather than just living an unhygienic life can turn out to be the major reason behind the constant irritation in your private parts. Let’s learn the natural solution of itching in private parts.

Home remedies for Itching in Private Parts or Genitals(Male/Female)

Apart from compelling you to undergo an uncomfortable state, the persistent itching may cause you intolerable pain. So the seriousness of the issue might be clear from the above phrases, however, studies suggest that around 60%-65% of people often ignore this particular disorder as they don’t take it as a crucial issue. But, if you really want to protect your private skin from unpredictable diseases, it is worth consulting your doctor and getting an appropriate remedy for the same. Here we’re presenting top 6 remedies for itching in private parts. Let’s go ahead:

1. Rosemary Leaf

If you’re looking out for some immediate treatment for itching, do not hesitate to boil some rosemary leaves in warm water for at least 10-15 minutes. Once the temperature of the water comes to the normal state, rinse off your genital section with the same and observe immediate results.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Oftentimes, itching in private parts lasts for a long time even after the consumption of prescribed medicines by a skin specialist. In such cases, it is worth opting for natural treatment such as the application of Apple cider vinegar mixed with hot water into your private parts. Apart from getting instant relief, this particular treatment could work as a long-term solution for your burning itch.

Alternatively, you can prefer the intake of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water every day unless you get relief from itching.

3. Basil Leaves

Nothing can be more natural ingredient than basil leaves. Because of its brilliant anti-fungal and anti-bacterial functions, the leaves can turn out to be your ultimate solution for your uncontrollable itching in the genital parts. You just need to boil some basil leaves in warm water and wait until the temperature of the water gets normal. Gulp down the drink to get relief from itching, irritation, and any other possible infection in your private parts.

4. Chamomile Tea

Are you tired of finding out treatment for the inflammation, itchiness, or a burning sensation caused in your genital section? Don’t worry as chamomile tea can help you combat the issue within a few applications. This natural herb should be applied along with a cup of warm water and a few drops of tea tree oil in your genital once a day unless you get permanent relief from itchiness.

5. Coconut Oil

Application of Coconut oil is one of the easiest yet effective remedies for itching in private parts as the same is available in almost every second household. Due to its amazing hydrating functions, the oil is considered to soothe your private parts by working as an ultimate solution for the yeast, bacterial, or fungal infection in your genitals. Rinse of your genital section with warm water comprising 4-5 tablespoons of coconut oil on a regular basis.

6. Regular Hygiene

Oftentimes, the people living in an unhygienic life face itching in their private parts. Now the good news is you aren’t required to gulp down the heavy medicines if you alter your daily regime. Taking shower every day, wearing comfortable clothes, eating healthy and nutritious meals, and keeping your body clean and well-maintained is one of the essential yet easiest ways to combat itching, inflammation, skin irritation, and other such skin-related issues.

Final words

Indeed itchiness is very embarrassing and especially when it comes to persistent itching in your private parts. Following the above-listed remedies can treat the infection in your sensitive area and help you overcome itching with ease.

However, if the burning itch isn’t cured with the mentioned solutions, you should straight approach your doctor and get your issue diagnosed and treated. Good Luck!


Hyper Efficient Home Remedies to Remove Blackheads

Grand Mothers Hyper Efficient Home Remedies to Remove BlackHeads

Are those blackheads troubling you??? Worry no more!!! Here are the effective home remedies to remove blackheads.

Blackheads are something which might be deterring your way to a smooth and flawless skin. These can be considered as a milder form of acne. Clogged pores are the primary cause of blackheads. Oily skinned people are more likely to suffer from them. It can, however, affect any one at any point of their lives. 

This is how a blackhead is formed:

  • Oil glands secret oil and sebaceous glands produce sebum. This happens in deeper layers of the skin.
  • Oil and sebum, thus produced, move to the upper layers of the skin. 
  • It collects dead skin cells, tiny hair and toxins released by skin during its journey to the outside world. 
  • Sometimes, what happens is that this bacteria and toxins laden mixture gets stuck in the pores just below the upper layer of skin. 
  • It oxidises here and its upper part or say head turns black. This is how it gets the name blackhead. 

One must bear in mind that blackheads have their roots below in the deeper layers of the skin. Blackheads can happen to anyone, even to dry skinned people. Sounds controversial !!! Dry skinned people may get blackheads in the areas where the number of oil and sebaceous glands is high like nose and chin. However in oily skinned people, these can happen anywhere. Literally anywhere; back, shoulders, chest and even on buttocks. Blackheads on buttocks can be troublesome if you want to go to beach and have a sunbath. 

Different kinds of OTC (Over the Counter) medications are available to get rid of blackheads. These come in the form of ointments, face washes, scrubs, blackhead removing strips etc. But why go the medicine way, when blackheads can be cured effectively at home using simple remedies. Even the blackhead removing strips can be made at home using simple ingredients. These remedies are 100% organic, 100% non-comedogenic and 100% effective. Apart from that, it will surely save some bucks. 

Below are some of the home remedies to remove blackheads

  1. Baking Soda: Make a paste by mixing baking soda with water. Gently rub this paste on blackhead affected area for 3-4 minutes. Rinse off with water. Follow this with an oil free moisturiser or a non-comedogenic oil as baking soda may dry out the skin. Exfoliating effect of baking soda will remove any dead skin or debris that may be clogging the pores. 

  1. Activated Charcoal: It acts as a skin cleanser and purifier. As soon as it is applied on the skin, it soaks up all the dead skin cells, sebum, oil and toxins from the deeper layers of the skin, thus clearing the pores and diminishing the appearance of blackheads. 
  2. Sugar-Honey Scrub: Take equal amounts of sugar and honey. Let the mixture sit for some time. Sugar will dissolve in honey and little granules will be left. Use this scrub every other day to get rid of blackheads. Sugar contains glycolic acid which has cleansing and peeling properties. Honey is antibacterial and anti-fungal. All the properties combined together will clear the skin of impurities, dead skin cells and bacteria; thus clearing the blackheads.
  3. Epsom Salt: Epsom salt, when used as a scrub, removes the dead skin cells and clears the skin of any impurities. When the upper dead layer of the skin is removed, oil and sebum stuck inside the pores find way to come out; hence blackheads are cleared. 
  4. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is one of the best remedies to cure blackheads. It is anti-bacterial and cleanses the skin from deep within. It is very effective in fighting acne and blackheads, revealing a clean and clear skin.  
  5. Oatmeal: Having known this, you will think of taking a little of oatmeal from your breakfast table to beauty cabinet. Yes.. Oatmeal is not just a healthy breakfast. It can give you a healthy skin as well. It is full of antioxidants. When used as a scrub, it will not only cleanse and exfoliate the skin, rather will clear the blackheads as well. Moreover, your skin will get much needed dose of nutrients. 
  6. Honey and Milk Pore Clearing Strips: Mix one teaspoon of honey with half amount of whole milk. Warm the mixture in a microwave or a small pan. Apply it on the affected area. Take it off after 15-20 minutes using lukewarm water. These homemade strips will surely give you a blackhead free skin.

Apart from above mentioned remedies, one can take some preventive measures to inhibit the appearance of blackheads. 

  • Follow the CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising) regime strictly. 
  • Keep your skin clean. Use a salicylic acid or AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) face wash. 
  • Stop the urge to touch blackheads. 
  • Always remove makeup before going to bed. Never sleep with makeup on. 
  • When drying, don’t rub your face with towel. Just pat dry. Be gentle with your skin. It’s your skin after all, the largest organ of the body. 
  • Include scrubbing in your skin care routine. Use a homemade or store bought scrub twice a week.
  • Steam your face. Heat from steam loosens the debris and clears the pores. 
  • Facials once a month can prove to be very beneficial in keeping the blackheads at bay.
  • Make exercise a habit. Sweating out removes toxins and impurities from skin.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated.

These remedies when used in conjunction with the aforesaid preventive measures, will not only clear up the blackheads; it would rather prevent the further appearance of any kind of breakout. 

If you are unable to get the desired results, consult a dermatologist. Your dermatologist may suggest a medicated face wash, cleanser or toner. Antibiotics may also be suggested depending upon the severity of the bout. Laser or microdermabrasion are the advanced techniques to get rid of blackheads in a short span of time.  

Last but the most important, don’t ever prick or squeeze the blackheads. You may be tempted to prick and squeeze your blackheads which may seem a convenient and a fast option to remove them. But don’t ever do that. It will only lead to spread of bacteria and infection, in addition to the pesky black marks that it will leave behind.


9 Effective ways To Quit Smoking

In the recent times, studies suggest ‘smoking cigarettes leads to 1 in 5 deaths among which the 3 major smoking-related diseases include lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cardiovascular disease. Apart from the mentioned diseases, this particular habit is also associated with several other cancers, diabetes, an escalated possibility of getting prone to unusual infections and colds, hip fractures, osteoporosis, difficulty in erection, gum disease, stomach ulcers, and complications in pregnancy to name a few

It is very obvious to say “quitting smoking can boost your lifespan and help you live a positive and a healthy life”. Though the earlier you quit smoking, the better would be the outcome, it’s never too late to do so. Research proves that the benefit of giving up smoking are quite real regardless of your age. 

Here are 9 best possible methods that can assist you to quit smoking:


Studies have shown that instead of gradually decreasing the amount of cigarettes smoked every day, setting a day and quitting cold turkey works best. There are more chances of giving up and increasing their smoking when you decide to gradually cut down. However, cutting out smoking from your life completely from a set date has more chances of keeping you motivated to stick to your plan.


Smokers usually gravitate towards cigarettes when they are going through smallest of stressful situations. Therefore, if you are planning to quit smoking when you are facing a challenging or stressful time in your life, chances are you will crack under pressure and turn towards cigarettes for comfort.

 The practical way of quitting smoking is taking this step when you are at a happy place in your life and your mood is stable. This way, you will not feel an urge to smoke as your mind will stay distracted by your happy mood and thoughts.


Quitting an addiction is not easy and can exhaust your mind and body. By practicing some relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, massages or even listening to calm music can relieve you from the stress that comes with dealing with tobacco cravings.


It is important to identify triggering situations that may make you crave tobacco. They can be places where you used to smoke, a certain group of people or even a particular smell.

Once you identify such triggering situations, try your best to avoid them. You can do that either by finding something else to do when you find yourself in that situation or avoiding being in it completely. 


To distract your brain from thinking about smoking, keep your mouth busy by chewing on something like sugarless gum, hard candy, celery, carrots, nuts or sunflower seeds, anything crunchy and satisfying.


One way to deal with tobacco cravings is to do some physical activity. Even small bursts of strenuous activity can significantly reduce tobacco cravings and even make them go away. So, the next time you feel the urge to smoke, get up and do any kind of physical activity to get your heart racing. It could be an exercise like jumping jacks, running, squats or burpees. Or you can take a dancing break or go cycling round your block or even go swimming.


When you are in the process of quitting smoking, you already feel on edge due to the constant battle with tobacco cravings. Consuming caffeine will only result in heightening that restlessness and make you feel jittery. Therefore, switching to decaffeinated coffee is a safe option. Drinking herbal tea to calm your nerves is also a good idea.


Consistency is the key to make this hard journey successful. If you give in to your urge to smoke once, you are likely to repeat it again and again. Convince yourself that letting your cravings take over you even will only make you go downhill.

One way of staying motivated is to make a list of the reasons why you decided to quit smoking in the first place and reading it every time you feel the urge to smoke. This way, you will remind yourself of all the things that will be put at stake if you smoke again, which will help you see the bigger picture. By doing this, you are likely to push away your tobacco cravings with ease.


If none of these tips seem to work for you, it’s best to consult a professional to find a way of quitting smoking that is most effective for you.

You can consult therapists to try nicotine replacement therapy or turn to support groups for help or consult your doctor who can provide you prescribed medication.


So having read this guide, we assume that you’ve decided to quit this disease-friendly habit of smoking. If not yet, note that most smokers who have abandoned cigarette smoking are leading a healthy and a happy life. Furthermore, they’ve said ‘goodbye’ to the entire possible smoking-related disorders

Perhaps, quitting smoking isn’t that easy how it seems to be yet trying the above-listed measures you can overcome the same within days. So what are you waiting for? Follow this guide and see the amazing results, Good Luck!


How STDs can Affect Adolescent Growth & Development?

Sexually active adolescents are more vulnerable to contracting STDs than any other age demographic. As they are the novices of the sexual playing field, they are the least informed & experienced, and under constant duress of raging hormones thereby putting themselves at great risk of contracting various STDs. According to an NCBI study,  the US Department of Health and Human Service reported that 25% of teenagers who are sexually active have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

At an age plagued by unrelenting peer pressure, hormonal imbalances, and parental disharmony – adolescents are quite vulnerable when it comes to STDs. 

Often, the lure of unprotected sex combined with a lack of self-control, or understanding of the life-long impacts their decisions will have, makes teens largely responsible for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

We need to adjust our conversational tone with teenagers so they might understand the large consequences of unprotected sex. This article explores the dangers of such sexual infections and more specifically how STDs can affect adolescent growth & development.

1)  STDs can cause ectopic pregnancy

During a time when vibrant, budding would-be adults frequently throw caution to the wind, it is the adolescent girl who is at a greater risk of falling prey to sexually transmitted diseases. 

Early pregnancies among teenagers are common, and sometimes an unwanted baby comes alongside diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis. According to, chlamydia can cause the attachment of a fertilized egg to take place in the fallopian tube instead of the uterine lining. This condition is referred to as an ectopic pregnancy, a complication resulting from the embryo attaching outside the uterus. And it can prove fatal if the underage mother doesn’t terminate the fetus early enough.

2)  Infertility is also a possibility

While female adolescents are often thought to be most at risk of becoming infertile, due to the heightened chances of contracting pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) associated with STD contracture such as gonorrhea, their male counterparts are no exemption. 

STDs such as genital herpes can lead to a scarring of the reproductive organs, erectile dysfunction, and cause permanent damage thereby rendering any future efforts of having children of their own futile.

3)  Sexual infections can lead to depreciating muscle mass and poor bone formation

In the worst case scenario, an adolescent can contract HIV making their general growth and development extremely painful and constricted. 

The HIV weakens the body’s defenses by depleting the immune system, and reduces its ability to form strong bones and build muscle mass. If infected, and adolescent should immediately consult their parents to ensure a start on AVR treatments straight away. 

They will have to endure massive changes in diet & exercise, lifestyle, and social interactions. Complimenting the daily AVR treatment with cbd oil is also advisable. 

Scientists and medical organizations believe that cannabis not only holds the secret to the cure of the virus, but also has the ability to counteract the severity of symptoms associated with the virus, allowing users to live a comfortable, normal life.

4)  Syphilis can lead to dementia or blindness

The beginning of a syphilis infection will manifest as harmless genital sores around the mouth or rectum which are later replaced with uncomfortable, persistent rashes. The secondary syphilis rash can even be hard to see, and may not itch. According to Planned Parenthood, the adolescent might experience flu-like symptoms, a fever, exhaustion, headaches, or muscle soreness. This won’t be alarming at first, as it may seem like the common cold. 

As sores appear, they may affect the mouth, vaginal area, or anus, and the patient may later experience weight loss, or hair loss.

If the STD persists untreated, the infection will eventually develop into a form of syphilis called neurosyphilis that targets the central nervous system thereby affecting the mental health of the affected individual. 

Dementia, depression, memory difficulties, neck stiffness, mood changes, and drastic personality deviations are some of the long-term challenges associated with this kind of syphilis. 

In extreme cases, the affected could lose their ability to see. This would thereby effectively limit their chances of molding the future they so desire.

Protected sex has become somewhat of a cliché these days however, parents and the community at large can never emphasize enough the importance of safe sex practices. STDs greatly affect the adolescent age group and it is, therefore, important to raise enough awareness to remind teenagers – who often brush aide such topics with a simple “I know”- of what consequences might arise out of sexual activity. The best thing we can do is to arm young people with knowledge of how to protect themselves so that they don’t muddy a promising future.


7 Self-Care Tips for People with Severe Allergies

Allergies can significantly compromise quality of life. You will often need to miss out on a lot of things so you can avoid the discomforts of an allergy attack. For example, during the spring, while others are heading out to enjoy the blooms and the warmer weather, you have to stay indoors instead. 

Be that as it may, keep in mind that you are not alone in experiencing allergies and all their related conditions. According to the World Health Organization, around 235 million individuals suffer from allergy-related asthma. 

Here’s another allergy fact worth knowingAllergic rhinitis and sinusitis are among the major respiratory diseases in the GCC countries and all over the world. Because of this, pharmaceutical companies are continuously pursuing the development of effective allergy treatments.

Practicing Self-Care to Alleviate Severe Allergies

When it comes to alleviating the impact of allergies on people’s quality of life, taking allergy relief medication is the best step. Also, health professionals strongly recommend practicing self-care. 

What exactly is self-care?

Advocates for this life enhancement activity simply define it as deliberate actions in taking care of one’s emotional, mental, and physical health. For people who suffer from severe allergies, self-care can make a whole world of difference in dealing with the discomfort and stress caused by allergies. 

Self-Care for People with Allergies

Here are seven of the best self-care practices to prevent and reduce the effects of allergies.

1. Clean your house regularly and make the indoor air smell good.

Invest in devices that can create the coziest atmosphere at home. An air humidifier, purifier, and scent diffuser will do the trick. These can automatically improve the quality of the air you breathe at home. 

Essential oils can make your home smell delightful. If you are suffering from congestion, a combination of peppermint and bamboo oils may help improve your breathing by clearing your air passage. 

Another oil combination that is worth trying is eucalyptus and bergamot. These two oils have a cooling and soothing effect that may help you sleep better at night.

2. Enjoy a long, warm soak before bed.

Allergy symptoms can be quite stressful for the body. After a long day of sneezing, coughing, headaches, runny nose, and perhaps skin itching, you will enjoy the opportunity to wind down and allow your body to rest. 

Add Epsom salts and essential oils like eucalyptus, orange, lavender, and maybe even tea tree to your warm bath water. These are known for easing pains and itching, and for clearing a stuffy head and nose. The lavender in the water may also help you sleep much faster and more soundly.

3. Treat yourself to afternoon tea.

There are tea concoctions that are particularly helpful for people with severe allergies. They contain bioflavonoids, natural antihistamines, vitamins, and minerals to calm allergies down.

Lemon and green tea, for example, is a perfect drink for people suffering from allergic rhinitis or hay fever. Licorice root, meanwhile, can bring relief to irritated respiratory passages. Turmeric or ginger tea can do the same. As for rosehip, it can block histamines.

4. Switch to organic ingredients.

Clean eating can boost the immune system, which is responsible for allergic reactions. So, make the switch to organic produce and you will surely get more of the nutrients these ingredients naturally come with. 

The only problem with organic ingredients is that they are usually expensive. However, if the goal is to improve your health and overall well-being, do not feel bad about splurging. Paying closer attention to the quality of the food you consume will often cost less than the medical treatment for a severe allergy flare-up.

5. Get a massage.

Massages are arguably the most rewarding self-care methods. When you get a massage, you relinquish control and let expert hands work on your wellness. Massage has been proven to alleviate seasonal allergy symptoms. It can reduce the stress hormones in the body that aggravate allergic reactions. At the same time, it can help treat inflammation as well.

Getting a massage is also an immunity-boosting treat. An hour-long session is equivalent to eight hours of sleep wherein cells regenerate. The oils used can even clear air passages to improve breathing.

6. Go for a walk.

This light exercise is the perfect opportunity to just focus on yourself. Free your mind of worries and just let your feet take you where you need to go. 

Light and moderate exercises in nature are actually recommended by doctors for people with allergies. It can strengthen and send a wave of endorphins and other health-boosting chemicals all over the body. However, it is best to hold off on outdoor walking during the allergy season. Just keep the activity indoors when there’s pollen in the air.

When You Have Allergies, Self-Care is a Must

Self-care is important for everybody, especially if you suffer from severe allergies. It is a reliable form of prevention and treatment that can enable you to live as normally and happily as possible, even with your allergies.